Why IBISWorld

How the Media Use IBISWorld

IBISWorld is a reliable resource for busy journalists on tight deadlines. We provide accurate, independent research in a variety of ways:

  • Interviews with industry analysts
  • Research and insight on more than 500 Australian industries
  • Industry Risk Ratings on more than 500 Australian industries
  • Company financials and profiles for the top 2,000 enterprises in Australia
  • Research on more than 700 United States industries, 400 United Kingdom industries, 200 China industries and 75 Global industries
  • Research papers and spotlight reports authored by IBISWorld analysts
  • Analysis on M&A activity, quarterly earnings, IPOs and other topics affecting companies and industries

Whether you’re writing an article on a particular company or an emerging trend, IBISWorld can provide data and analysis when:

  • Evaluating Story Lines – get up to speed with a time-critical business story by validating how an industry operates, its drivers, how it has performed in the past and how it is expected to perform in the future
  • Referencing Data – IBISWorld data adds context to a story by comparing company or product performance against competitor companies, substitute goods, overall industry growth, trade and employment
  • Understanding Business Connectivity – as an information platform that connects external macroeconomic conditions to industries, and industries to their respective supply chain and end-markets, journalists gain insight into the widest range of marketplace conditions that influence industry and company performance

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