Demand for poultry meat soars

roast chickenAustralian consumers are expected to demand more poultry meat over 2013-14 than ever before. Revenue for poultry processing in Australia is projected to rise above $6.0 billion supported by the increasing popularity of poultry meats, which are lower in fat than red meats. Leaner chicken meats and pre-prepared specialty chicken have been fundamental industry drivers.

Time-conscious consumers have flocked to pre-prepared and semi-cooked chickens at supermarkets due to the convenience of take-home meals. This has prompted many poultry processors to increase their ranges of available pre-prepared offerings. For example, Baiada Steggle’s has a whole chicken range and Cordina has introduced pre-cooked varieties.

Despite these favourable trends, the industry faces ongoing competition from other meat and seafood processors, as well as fruit and vegetable processors. Other meat processors have introduced new low-fat meat cuts and hormone-free red meat varieties. This increased sophistication of meat processors has slowly eroded the negative stigma associated with red meat. The proliferation of diets high in fruit and vegetable consumption are also expected to weigh against the industry’s growth prospects.


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