Identify Target Markets

Quantify the size of potential markets and industry verticals with in-depth industry research. Understand how a product or service behaves in the real world, including the impact of substitute goods and services and the supply chain that gets a product to market.

Identify ‘Sweet Spots’

Segment your customers by industry, size, location and other factors to uncover new opportunities. Learn about the threats and weaknesses in your marketing strategy.

IBISWorld reports highlight who buys a good or service and what they spend, buyer demographics and their motivations, and the impact of external variables that affect their choices.

Find New Business

Direct business development executives to companies as potential clients based on growth prospects, industry characteristics that fit your target markets and known ‘pain points.’ IBISWorld’s collection of industry and company reports contain data and analysis on many thousands of product lines

Manage existing marketing data and fill-in critical missing data, such as industry codes, industry revenue growth and risks, cost and profit benchmarks and major player market share to increase the value of your customer and prospect files.

Improve Your Sales Strike Rate

Ensure your sales executives “talk the talk” with industry profiles that effectively target key business issues, including M&A activity, outsourcing opportunities, technology and regulatory change.

Use IBISWorld’s conversation-starter Q&As and summaries of industry key trends and benchmarks to develop and enhance presentations.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Stay informed of relevant news, trade articles, industry and analyst reports to gain critical insight into your competition. Differentiate yourself in the marketplace with intelligence on company strategies, revenue forecasts and forward-looking industry risk scores.

Additional Products

In addition to our Australian industry research and profiles on Australia’s top 2000 companies, IBISWorld’s Risk Rating Reports provide a single, comparable risk score for every industry for the coming 12-month period. We also have a growing international collection, producing Global, Canada, UK, China and US Industry Reports and research on 300 economic, demographic and consumer variables that affect businesses. For your convenience, all reports are structured in the same user-friendly format as our Australian reports.

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Download our PDF which outlines why IBISWorld is a great tool for Marketing teams. With hundreds of Australian and international marketing teams as clients, we can help yours too.

Media Centre

With new articles being released every week, and a very large archive of previous works, our Media Centre is full of thought provoking and current newsworthy content.

From Our Clients
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"As a global marketing consulting firm [who pioneered the key marketing concept of positioning] we have used IBISWorld since 1996. Without IBISWorld we would not know where to focus and without IBISWorld info our business would be materially less in our markets today – no doubt!"

- Chairman, Trout and Partners
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"IBISWorld allows us to add credibility to conversations when we're meeting with our prospects and clients. Any time we have the chance to make a business owner smarter, I think we all win in those situations."

- Heather Sperduto, Executive of Sales Operations, ADP

"Saves so much time having all the information in one place, incredibly easy to access and provides brilliant information. I know the information is trustworthy – which is sometimes hard to find on the internet when searching for stats. I use IBISWorld industry reports to help pull together marketing and commercialisation strategies for clients."

- Julia Louise, Marketing Consultant
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"IBISWorld is the best investment we made with our marketing dollars. It has offered us a lot of versatility in researching and allowed us to look at many markets for our various technologies."

- American Trim