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IBISWorld is an online resource that is available 24/7. Reports provide your end users with invaluable research on large and niche industries. We cover thousands of industries, so no matter what requests you receive, IBISWorld will have that industry covered. Each report follows a consistent format, which allows you to find answers quickly, and easily compare and benchmark industry data.

Independent and Accurate

Our information is based on official data sources and is regularly updated so you always have access to the most current data. We fully explain our data forecasts so you can truly understand how an industry works. IBISWorld methodology is not “black box” – our methodology is transparent, and data is available for download in MS Excel format.

Our rigorous quality control systems ensure that our analysis and the data it is based on, is thoroughly reviewed and cross-checked. You can rest assured that you’re providing globally trusted, best-in-class research to end users.

Additional Products

In addition to our Australian industry research and profiles on Australia’s top 2000 companies, IBISWorld’s Risk Rating Reports provide a single, comparable risk score for every industry for the coming 12-month period. We also have a growing international collection, producing Global, Canada, UK, China and US Industry Reports and research on 300 economic, demographic and consumer variables that affect businesses. For your convenience, all reports are structured in the same user-friendly format as our Australian reports.

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Download our PDF which outlines why IBISWorld is a great tool for Librarians. With hundreds of Australian and international firms as clients, we can help yours too.

Media Centre

With new articles being released every week, and a very large archive of previous works, our Media Centre is full of thought provoking and current newsworthy content.

From Our Clients
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"IBISWorld is the first place I go for research… especially for information on middle market and niche industries that just doesn’t exist anywhere else"

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"IBISWorld has proven invaluable to us. It’s great for major industries, as well as extremely hard-to-find industries"

- New York University
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"From a librarian’s point of view, the reports offer a product that is reliable and independent. The information is verifiable."

- Victoria University