IBISWorld is available to staff 24/7 online. With thousands of industry and company reports, we cover all needs. Moreover, each report follows a consistent format, which allows users to find answers quickly, compare and benchmark industry data and analysis and transplant our data into reports.

IBISWorld reports provide a one-stop shop for sales teams – from executives at the strategic planning stage to front line staff in need of conversation starters or negotiation-situation intelligence.

Our reports will save executive time and increase both sales call time and call quality with ‘cut-through’ intelligence.

Sales Planning

Use IBISWorld intelligence to direct business development and marketing operations to the industries that require your goods or services. Whether the industry is growing or shrinking, outsourcing, experiencing technology change or trying to open new markets, IBISWorld provides the key data and analysis necessary for your ‘big picture’ prospecting. Integrate the data from our database into your own CI and CRM systems, linking the information to companies via the industry code.

IBISWorld reports show the total size of the market for a good or service and how that market is expected to perform over the next five years. Review the competitive landscape of an industry as well as substitute industries in order to qualify the best prospects.

Our industry reports explain industry jargon to educate your sales team. They provide the perfect ‘curriculum’ for sales training and seminars and are aimed at getting your team to engage with clients and prospects as trusted peers.

Sales Support

Don’t look for a needle in an online haystack or rely on partisan, incomplete or out-of-date sources. Use IBISWorld’s complete and unbiased data and analysis instead. Our iExpert Summaries provide key information fast and include Key Statistics, Key Success Factors, Markets and Products, Geographic Spread, Cost Structure and Performance Analysis. Use IBISWorld’s conversation-starter Q&As and summaries of industry key trends and benchmarks to develop pitches.

Additional Products

In addition to our Australian industry research and profiles on Australia’s top 2000 companies, IBISWorld’s Risk Rating Reports provide a single, comparable risk score for every industry for the coming 12-month period. We also have a growing international collection, producing Global, Canada, UK, China and US Industry Reports and research on 300 economic, demographic and consumer variables that affect businesses. For your convenience, all reports are structured in the same user-friendly format as our Australian reports.

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More Info

Download our PDF which outlines why IBISWorld is a great tool for Sales Teams and Business Development. With hundreds of Australian and international sales teams as clients, we can help yours too.

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With new articles being released every week, and a very large archive of previous works, our Media Centre is full of thought provoking and current newsworthy content.

From Our Clients
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"IBISWorld allows us to add credibility to conversations when we're meeting with our prospects and clients. Any time we have the chance to make a business owner smarter, I think we all win in those situations."

- Heather Spruduto
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"IBISWorld is the best investment we made with our marketing dollars. It has offered us a lot of versatility in researching and allowed us to look at many markets for our various technologies."

- American Trim