Know Your Client’s Product

Understand how a product or service behaves in the real world. IBISWorld reports present the total size of the market for a product or service, substitutes, the industry’s supply chain connections, and international trade data and globalisation trends.

Know Your Client’s Customers

Determine why a customer buys a product. IBISWorld reports highlight who spends, why they spend and what they spend on, as well as the external variables that affect their choices. We explain how companies differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Know Your Client’s Competitors

Review the competitive landscape of an industry and benchmark your clients against peers and industry best practices. IBISWorld reports provide industry key success factors so that you can identify for your client opportunities for revenue and profit growth.

Develop Your Own Business

Direct partners and business development executives to industries that require the services of consultants, for example, those that are growing or declining quickly, facing company consolidation, or experiencing changing regulations, globalisation or technology.

Make sure you have the right tools for the job before you step in front of a prospect or client. Don’t look for a needle in an online haystack or rely on partisan, incomplete or out-of-date sources. Use IBISWorld data and analysis to support your research and presentation.

Partners use our 12-month Risk Rating forecasts and analysis for risk assessment. A single numerical score helps you identify the potential risks prior to accepting a client engagement, and to understand the risks facing your existing client portfolio.

Additional Products

Complement our Industry Reports with our collection of Company Research on Australia’s Top 2000 companies. Additionally, IBISWorld’s Risk Rating Reports provide a single, comparable risk score for every industry for the coming 12-month period. We also have a growing international collection, producing Global, Canada, UK, China and US Industry Reports and research on 300 economic, demographic and consumer variables that affect businesses. For your convenience, all reports are structured in the same user-friendly format as our Australian reports.

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Download our PDF which outlines why IBISWorld is a great tool for Consultants. With hundreds of Australian and international consultants as clients, we hope you’ll join our community too.

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From Our Clients

"The reports themselves and IBISWorld in general give me reliable and high quality intelligence that I can use to apply in very practical ways to assist my clients."

- Whale Song Services

"We use the reports to help us develop our own business areas and also get a better understanding of our clients’ industries. We are able to make better decisions in terms of business development and better understand our clients’ industries, which enables us to help them in a more impactful way."

- Dream Consortium
Analyst, Foresight Partners logo

"IBISWorld is a trustworthy source which we can ‘show-off’ and use to instill confidence to our clients. We also find it to be an effective source of comprehensive information which can be used to bypass time consuming collection of data and enables us in a cost effective way to quickly come up to speed with emerging market trends in an industry which we are unfamiliar with."

- Analyst, Foresight Partners
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"IBISWorld gives me considered expert industry research to back and help strategic thinking. This equals superior, strategic decision making."

- Partner, Conus Business Consultancy Services