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Company Research Reports

Learn more about the top-performing companies in Australia

As a natural complement to our in-depth industry research reports, our top 2,000 Australian company profiles help you assess your competitors and prospects. The top 2,000 rankings are based on the most recent available financial data and include listed and non-listed public companies, private firms, foreign-owned businesses, trusts and governmental departments. Our company data is used by Reed Business Information titles and by the Wall Street Journal.

IBISWorld’s company products

Standard profiles: Available for the top 2,000 companies that drive Australia's economy (based on revenue), each report is two to five pages and includes the company’s history, brands and products, contact details and key personnel. It also details the business’s operating and legal structure, financial data and industries of involvement.

Premium profiles: Our premium profiles are available on our largest companies. Each report is 10 to 12 pages and offers detailed information and analysis to help you become better informed on all company activities, including cross-directorships, company activities, industry ratios and segment information, competitive environment analysis and a list of subsidiaries by region.

Company Wizard: Our Company Wizard is a powerful research tool that allows sales and marketing professionals to build customised lists using our 28,000+ contacts from 10 key position types. The Company Wizard also allows users to filter lists by company and industry information. Whether you are looking for new prospects, targeting new industries or developing a new marketing strategy, the Company Wizard is the ultimate solution.

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