Sanity Entertainment Pty Ltd is a Proprietary Company that is ranked number 1654 out of the top 2000 companies in Australia. The company generates the majority of its income from the Video Game, DVD and Recorded Music Retailing in Australia industry.

In 2017 the company generated total revenue of $157,217,000 including sales and other revenue. In 2017 Sanity Entertainment Pty Ltd had 846 employees in Australia including employees from all subsidiaries under the company's control.

The Chief Executive of Sanity Entertainment Pty Ltd is Mr Garry Mortlock whose official title is Chief Executive Officer. The Chairman of Sanity Entertainment Pty Ltd is either not applicable or not available. 

Sanity Entertainment's operations cover various areas of home and portable entertainment, and are grouped in the following categories:


  • Movies: Sanity sells all major genres of popular movies, including Action, Children's, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Fantasy and Horror, and includes a range from classics to new releases, available on DVD and Blu-Ray.


  • TV: This includes all television titles on both DVD and Blu-Ray, including ABC/BBC, Children's and TV series', HBO and is usually sold as box sets per season.


  • Country: This category includes all country music on CDs. 


  • Games: Games comprises consoles, such as the Nintendo Wii, Playstation, Xbox and DS. Sanity sells a range of games for all of the consoles they provide, in genres ranging from Action and Adventure to Children's and Learning.


  • Music: Music includes a range of music on DVD as well as a range of CD titles. A large range of genres is offered including Blues, Dance, Rock, Urban, Jazz and World Music.


  • Merchandise: The merchandise sold by Sanity includes headphones, posters and apparel.


  • Books: The company sells both books and audio books from various genres including science fiction, drama, action and adventure. 

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