Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory


Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory is a Association that is ranked number 850 out of the top 2000 companies in Australia. The company generates the majority of its income from the Social Assistance Services in Australia industry.

In 2018 the company generated total revenue of $463,336,000 including sales and other revenue. The exact number of employees for this organisation is not available. 

The Chief Executive of Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory is Commissioner Floyd Tidd whose official title is National Commander. The Chairman of Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory is Commissioner Floyd Tidd whose official title is National Commander. 

The Salvation Army Australia Eastern Territory provides a range of social services to the communities in Queensland, New South Wales, and the Australian Capital Territory, including:

  • Aged Care: offers aged care facilities and accommodation, including nursing homes, hostels, self-care units and respite care.  
  • Chaplaincies: offers counselling from chaplains to victims of disaster, emergency, and crime.
  • Children’s Services: provides child care centres, suicide support group, youth recreation centres, Church-based activities, children camps, homework clubs, and toys for children at Christmas.
  • Community Care Ministries: visits people unable to leave their homes or in nursing homes and hospitals.
  • Community Services: provides practical emergency assistance to people facing financial pressure.
  • Crisis & Supported Accommodation: provides accommodation and related support to homeless people.
  • Court & Prison Services: visits courts and prisons, debriefs juries, facilitates the Positive Life Program and offers chaplaincy services.
  • Emergency Services: provides practical support, hope and encouragements to victims, relatives and official workers during disasters and emergencies.
  • Services for individuals with an Intellectual Disability: provides social education and training, and supported accommodation to mentally disabled people in Queensland.
  • Employment Services: provides employment services, a Salvation Army Employment Plus job placement service and on-the-job training programs, as well as a ‘Mature Workers Program’ for unemployed people over the age of 40 is provided.
  • English Language Classes: offers English language classes.
  • Family Tracing: helps to locate missing people and reunite them with their families.
  • Financial Counselling: aims to identify factors contributing to financial hardship and prevent the dependence on welfare assistance.
  • Professional Counselling: provides guidance, counselling and support to individuals.
  • Outback Flying Service: offers chaplain visits to families in the outback and support to people living in remote areas in Queensland.
  • Recovery Services: helps people suffering from drug, alcohol and gambling addiction.
  • Red Shield Defence Services: provides support to the Australian Defence Force members and their families.
  • Youth Support: assists youth that are at risk of homelessness and youth who are disadvantaged.
  • Suicide Prevention & Bereavement Support: provides therapeutic support groups in Sydney and Gold Coast. 

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