Stowe Australia Pty Limited is a Proprietary Company that is ranked number 864 out of the top 2000 companies in Australia. The company generates the majority of its income from the Electrical Services in Australia industry.

In 2018 the company generated total revenue of $446,368,000 including sales and other revenue. In 2018 Stowe Australia Pty Limited had 1515 employees in Australia including employees from all subsidiaries under the company's control.

The Chief Executive of Stowe Australia Pty Limited is Mr Chris Madson whose official title is Managing Director. The Chairman of Stowe Australia Pty Limited is Mr David Madson whose official title is Executive Chairman. 

The principal business activities of Stowe Australia involve electrical engineering and communication services contracting.

Stowe Australia provides the following services:

  • Electrical - Design and construction services, switchboard and metering alterations, UPS, energy management systems and, maintenance and services.
  • Communications - The company provides cabling services, blown fibre solutions, wireless access points, infrastructure audit and certification.
  • Industrial - Stowe has the capability to conduct nation-wide industrial projects that include electrical and communication installation, provision of specialist equipment and carrying out instrumentation projects for heavy manufacturing and mining industries.
  • Rollouts - Stowe provides installation services at a network of sites across Australia.
  • Design Services - Stowe has a team of fully-accredited infrastructure engineers capable of designing HV & LV distribution networks for various clients.
  • Thermographic Scanning - Infrared Thermographic Scan aids in detecting problem spots in electrical, industrial and mechanical equipment, allowing preventive steps to be taken before any breakdown occurs.
  • Power Quality Services - Stowe provides electrical supply installation to ensure continuous, reliable electrical supply for various industrial and commercial application.
  • Energy Management - This service includes energy audits, power analysis and data logging, energy monitoring, solar power and power factor correction.
  • Maintenance Services - The company also provides a 24-hour Help Desk facility to accommodate any electrical and communications emergencies to its customers.
  • HV and LV Infrastructure Construction

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