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IBISWorld’s information database provides a wealth of information on the Australian and New Zealand economies. Our 30-to-40 page industry research reports are our core products, but we also offer other supporting information. IBISWorld’s team of dedicated, specialist economists and expert analysts constantly research economic, demographic and governmental statistics – so you don’t have to. Click on the links for full product descriptions, pricing and samples.

Our Products

Industry Reports

Over 900 industry research reports: Comprehensive, astute and easy to digest, IBISWorld’s reports offer the very latest intelligence on industries across Australia and New Zealand – with new reports added as industries emerge. Each report consists of key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and historical performance, major industry participants and more. These features, plus our must-read five-year forecasts, help you make more informed business decisions in less time.

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Company Research Reports

Over 2,000 company research reports: As a natural complement to our in-depth industry research reports, our top 2,000 Australian company profiles help you assess your competitors and prospects. The top 2,000 rankings are based on the most recent available financial data and include listed and non-listed public companies, private firms, foreign-owned businesses, trusts and governmental departments.

Industry Risk Rating Research Reports

Over 500 industry risk rating reports: IBISWorld’s industry risk rating determines how much risk an industry will face over the next 18 months by assessing the operating conditions for companies in the industry. Unlike traditional risk models that use historical information, our analysts use a sophisticated, mathematical process to look ahead. Our risk rating is a numerical score that you can instantly understand and translate into opportunities, or threats, relevant to your unique trading environment.

Business Environment Reports

Over 200 business environment reports: Our business environment reports analyse the wider world in which every business operates, and they provide insights into the demographic, environmental and business trends you can’t afford to ignore. We offer these concise, two-to-three-page reports on more than 200 key factors.

SME Industry Reports

IBISWorld’s SME Industry Reports provide accurate industry data and analysis that focus on operators with less than $10m revenue. We analyse these SME operators for current and future performance and other characteristics so you can understand how SMEs operate differently and where their opportunities and challenges exist.

iExpert Summary

The iExpert Summary condenses integral paragraphs, graphics and tables from both the Industry and Risk reports to provide an easy to digest overview of a particular industry.

By reading these reports you will quickly gain key knowledge and insight about an industry with minimal preparation time, and will have industry-specific conversation starters at hand.

Industry Wizard

The Industry Wizard is an intuitive online platform that allows you to filter through multiple data points and industry levels and trends to create a list of industries that meet your specific criteria.

This powerful tool extracts data from the thousands of Industry and Risk Rating Reports within our collection, so you gain an insightful perspective on the economy, growth opportunities and potential market threats most important to your business.

Company Wizard

Our Company Wizard is a powerful research tool that allows sales and marketing professionals to build customised lists using our 28,000+ contacts from 10 key position types. The Company Wizard also allows users to filter lists by company and industry information. Whether you are looking for new prospects, targeting new industries or developing a new marketing strategy, the Company Wizard is the ultimate solution.

Why Industry Matters

There are many factors outside a manager’s control that can influence a company’s operation and profitability. These factors are part of the all-encompassing “environment” in which a company operates, also known as its Industry. The most successful businesses understand these factors and industry best practices to hedge against risks and ensure a competitive edge within the marketplace.

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Porter’s Five Forces

As the world’s leader in industry research, IBISWorld is used alongside Porter’s model to determine an industry’s potential.

A valuable resource for numerous roles, IBISWorld’s Industry Reports contain key sections that support the Forces within Porter’s model to provide you with a deep understanding of the industry factors influencing your business.

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