IBISWorld has compiled the most frequently asked questions from our support centre to assist you in your navigation and operation of our website. If you have any difficulties, please contact the support centre on +61 3 9655 3886 or submit an online enquiry with us.

Frequently asked questions.
Can IBISWorld send me information relating to all products and services that IBISWorld offers?

Product information is available online in the IBISWorld Products Section. If you would like further information on Membership packages, or specific questions on the contents of a report before you buy, please contact our Sales Office on +61 3 9655 3881 or enquire online. Clients who have questions on a report or other areas of our site can contact our Help Desk on +61 3 9655 3881 or enquire online.

How much does it cost to become an IBISWorld member?

Subscription packages vary and are tailored to the individual user. IBISWorld can tailor a package for you that meet both your information needs and budget. Contact one of our friendly Account Managers on +61 3 9655 3881 or submit an enquire online for more information on all of IBISWorld's unique packages.

How much does one industry report cost?

An Industry report retails for $1095.00. In addition, subscription packages offer significant discounts off the retail price, so call us today to see what we can do for you.

What does The IBISWorld money back guarantee offer cover?

IBISWorld offers a 100% quality money back guarantee on all reports purchased through our site. If the information in a report does not meet the standard indicated in the relevant sample report and IBISWorld is not able to provide supplementary information to the standard indicated we will offer a full refund on the cost of the relevant report.

Can I be sent a sample industry report?

Sample reports are available online before you purchase. There is a dedicated product and samples page (click here) or you can just click on the "View Sample" link on every report page to see what kind of data is available in that section.

Can I get a complete listing of Industry reports that are available?

A full list of industry reports is available at our view all reports page. Click here

Does IBISWorld have industry reports for other countries?

Industry reports are available for US, UK, China and also selected Global reports. Please call or submit an online enquiry for more information.

I don't know which report to buy to find my information. What should I do?

Try searching on your keyword to find a list of reports in which that keyword or topic is mentioned. Then read through the definitions to find the most relevant report. If you are still unsure, please submit an enquiry for more assistance.

Which sources are used for the information in the Industry Reports?

IBISWorld analysts use a variety of sources in their research ranging from government, company and Industry association statistics, to company reports, surveys and personal contact. If you have questions on any of the data, please submit an enquiry with your specific source question.

Where can I find definitions on terms used on the IBISWorld site?

A glossary of all terms used on the IBISWorld website is available at the end of each report, including any industry specific terms.

How do I receive my report?

Upon receipt of payment, your IBISWorld report will become immediately viewable on our website. For your convenience, all IBISWorld reports are also available to be downloaded as a PDF.