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Australia’s largest provider of industry-based research

Since 1971, IBISWorld has been providing thoroughly researched, reliable and current business information that is considered priceless to many subscribers. Today, IBISWorld employs a team of dedicated expert analysts who research economic, demographic and government data so you don’t have to. We can provide your organisation with valuable insights on Australia’s 700+ industries, its top 2,000 companies and its key business environment indicators, so you can make better business decisions, faster.

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Industry Reports

Powerful business tools that provide strategic insights and analysis on over 700 Australian industries. We produce Australia’s most comprehensive selection of reports, covering the entire economy – from Accounting Services to Zoos.

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Company Research

As a natural complement to our in-depth industry research reports, our top 2,000 Australian company profiles help you assess your competitors and prospects. Stay up-to-date with the nation's largest public, private and government enterprises.

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Why IBISWorld?

Unbiased research based on just the facts, we are completely independent and present our findings accordingly.

Our rigorous quality control systems ensure that our analysis, and the data it is based on, is thoroughly reviewed and cross-checked.

With reports on thousands of industries, we have you covered. Our breadth of collection is unrivalled and provides broad utility.

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Phil Ruthven is one of Australia's most respected public speakers. You can download a presentation of Phil's that you've seen recently.

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IBISWorld's Clients

With thousands of clients around the world, we are so grateful to serve the largest global players – and the smallest local operators too.

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