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Industry Research Reports

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IBISWorld industry research reports are powerful business tools that provide strategic insights and analysis on over 500 Australian industries. We produce Australia’s most comprehensive selection of reports, covering the entire economy – from Accounting Services to Zoological Gardens.

Extensive, objective and easy to digest, IBISWorld’s industry research reports offer the very latest content on almost every Australian industry – including new report titles on emerging industries. Each report consists of 30 to 40 pages of key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and historical performance, a five-year forecast, major industry participants and more. For those a little more time-conscious, IBISWorld also offers a two-page summary of the industry with tables and charts for quick reference.

The IBISWorld industry reports save valuable internal resources from having to produce this level of information. Our ultimate aim is to assist you in making more informed business decisions – in far less time.

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Specialised Industry Report Collections

Finding industry data and analysis on niche and emerging industries can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. IBISWorld is adding hundreds of industry research titles in new collections to complement our ANZSIC Report Collection. Our new reports are structured exactly as our ANZSIC industry reports so you can continue to make better decisions, faster.

Advisory & Financial ServicesAdvisory & Financial Services (45)
Life SciencesLife Sciences (18)
Business FranchisesBusiness Franchises (4)
Online RetailOnline Retail (37)
Consumer Goods & ServicesConsumer Goods & Services (95)
Specialist Engineering, Infrastructure & ContractorsSpecialist Engineering, Infrastructure & Contractors (35)
Industrial Machinery, Gas & Chemicals Industrial Machinery, Gas & Chemicals (13)
TechnologyTechnology (10)
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Australian Industry Reports Available

Manufacturing (141 Reports)
C1111 - Meat Processing
C1112 - Poultry Processing
C1113 - Cured Meat and Smallgoods Mfg.
C1120 - Seafood Processing
C1131 - Milk and Cream Processing
C1132 - Ice Cream Mfg.
C1133a - Cheese Mfg.
C1133b - Milk Powder Mfg.
C1133c - Butter and Dairy Product Mfg.
C1140 - Fruit and Vegetable Processing
C1150 - Cooking Oil and Margarine Mfg.
C1161 - Flour and Grain Mill Product Mfg.
C1162 - Cereal, Pasta and Baking Mix Mfg.
C1171 - Bread Production
C1172 - Cake and Pastry Mfg.
C1173 - Biscuit Mfg.
C1174 - Artisanal Bakery Product Mfg.
C1181 - Sugar Mfg.
C1182 - Chocolate and Confectionery Mfg.
C1191 - Snack Food Mfg.
C1192 - Prepared Animal and Bird Feed Mfg.
C1199 - Tea, Coffee and Other Food Mfg.
C1211a - Soft Drink Mfg.
C1211b - Bottled Water Mfg.
C1211c - Fruit Juice Drink Mfg.
C1212 - Beer Mfg.
C1213 - Spirit Mfg.
C1214 - Wine Production
C1310 - Synthetic and Natural Textile Mfg.
C1320 - Leather and Leather Substitute Product Mfg.
C1331 - Carpet and Textile Floor Covering Mfg.
C1332 - Rope, Cordage and Twine Mfg.
C1333 - Cut and Sewn Textile Product Mfg.
C1340 - Knitted Product Mfg.
C1351a - Men's and Boys' Wear Mfg.
C1351b - Women's and Girls' Wear Mfg.
C1351c - Sleepwear, Underwear and Infant Clothing Mfg.
C1351d - Tailoring and Clothing Accessories Mfg.
C1352 - Footwear Mfg.
C1411 - Log Sawmilling
C1412 - Wood Chipping
C1413 - Timber Resawing and Dressing
C1490 - Fabricated Wood Mfg.
C1491 - Prefabricated Wooden Building Mfg.
C1492 - Wooden Structural Component Mfg.
C1499 - Pallets and Other Wood Product Mfg.
C1510 - Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Mfg.
C1521a - Paperboard Container Mfg.
C1521b - Corrugated Paperboard Container Mfg.
C1523 - Paper Stationery Mfg.
C1524 - Sanitary Paper Product Mfg.
C1528 - Paper Bag and Other Paper Product Mfg.
C1611 - Printing
C1612 - Printing Support Services
C1620 - Reproduction of Recorded Media
C1701 - Petroleum Refining and Petroleum Fuel Mfg.
C1709 - Lubricants and Other Petroleum Product Mfg.
C1811 - Industrial Gas Mfg.
C1812 - Basic Organic Chemical Mfg.
C1813 - Basic Inorganic Chemical Mfg.
C1821 - Synthetic Resin and Synthetic Rubber Mfg.
C1831 - Fertiliser Mfg.
C1832 - Pesticide Mfg.
C1841 - Pharmaceutical Product Mfg.
C1842 - Veterinary Pharmaceutical Mfg.
C1851 - Soap and Cleaning Compound Mfg.
C1852 - Cosmetics, Perfume and Toiletries Mfg.
C1892 - Explosives Mfg.
C1911 - Plastic Bag and Film Mfg.
C1912a - Plastic Bottle Mfg.
C1912b - Plastic Pipe and Plastic Packaging Material Mfg.
C1913 - Plastic Foam Product Mfg.
C1915 - Adhesive Mfg.
C1916 - Paint and Coatings Mfg.
C1919a - Plastic Flooring and Other Polymer Product Mfg.
C1919b - Fibreglass Product Mfg.
C1920 - Natural Rubber Product Mfg.
C2010 - Glass and Glass Product Mfg.
C2021 - Clay Brick Mfg.
C2029 - Ceramic Product Mfg.
C2031 - Cement and Lime Mfg.
C2032 - Plaster Product Mfg.
C2033 - Ready-Mixed Concrete Mfg.
C2034 - Concrete Product Mfg.
C2090 - Glass Wool, Stone and Non-Metallic Mineral Product Mfg.
C2110 - Iron Smelting and Steel Mfg.
C2121 - Iron and Steel Casting
C2122 - Steel Pipe and Tube Mfg.
C2131 - Alumina Production
C2132 - Aluminium Smelting
C2133 - Copper, Silver, Lead and Zinc Smelting and Refining
C2139 - Gold and Other Non-Ferrous Metal Processing
C2141 - Non-Ferrous Metal Casting
C2142 - Aluminium Rolling, Drawing and Extruding
C2149 - Copper Tubes and Wire Mfg.
C2210 - Iron and Steel Forging
C2221 - Structural Steel Fabricating
C2222 - Prefabricated Metal Building Mfg.
C2223 - Aluminium Door and Window Mfg.
C2224 - Metal Roof and Guttering Mfg.
C2229 - Structural Metal Product Mfg.
C2231 - Boiler and Tank Mfg.
C2239 - Metal Drum, Can and Bin Mfg.
C2240 - Sheet Metal Product Mfg.
C2291 - Spring and Wire Product Mfg.
C2292 - Nut, Bolt, Screw and Rivet Mfg.
C2293 - Metal Coating and Finishing
C2299 - Fabricated Metal Product Mfg.
C2311 - Motor Vehicle Mfg.
C2312 - Motor Vehicle Body and Trailer Mfg.
C2313 - Automotive Electrical Component Mfg.
C2319 - Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories Mfg.
C2391 - Shipbuilding and Repair Services
C2392 - Boatbuilding and Repair Services
C2393 - Railway Equipment Mfg. and Repair
C2394 - Aircraft Manufacturing and Repair Services
C2411 - Photographic and Optical Good Mfg.
C2412 - Medical and Surgical Equipment Mfg.
C2419 - Measurement and Other Scientific Equipment Mfg.
C2421 - Computer and Electronic Office Equipment Mfg.
C2422 - Communication Equipment Mfg.
C2429 - Audio Visual Electronic Equipment Mfg.
C2431 - Electric Cable and Wire Mfg.
C2432 - Electric Lighting Equipment Mfg.
C2439 - Power Automation Products and Other Electrical Equipment Mfg.
C2440 - Household Appliance Mfg.
C2451 - Pump and Compressor Mfg.
C2452 - Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Equipment Mfg.
C2461 - Agricultural Machinery Mfg.
C2462 - Mining and Construction Machinery Mfg.
C2463 - Machine Tool and Parts Mfg.
C2469 - Food Processing Machinery Mfg.
C2491 - Conveyor and Crane Mfg.
C2499a - Industrial Machinery Mfg.
C2499b - Gaming and Vending Machines Mfg.
C2511 - Wooden Furniture and Upholstered Seat Mfg.
C2512 - Metal Furniture Mfg.
C2513 - Mattress Mfg.
C2519 - Wicker and Fibreglass Furniture Mfg.
C2591 - Jewellery Mfg.
C2592 - Toy and Sporting Good Mfg.
Wholesale Trade (38 Reports)

Specialised Industry Report Collections

Consumer Goods & Services (95 Reports)
Advisory & Financial Services (45 Reports)