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3M Australia Pty Limited 3M Australia Pty Limited Kyocera Document Solutions Australia Pty Ltd Kyocera Document Solutions Australia Pty Ltd 
Abbott Australasia Pty Limited Abbott Australasia Pty Limited (Premium) L H Perry & Sons Pty Limited L H Perry & Sons Pty Limited 
ACCO Australia Pty Limited ACCO Australia Pty Limited L'Oreal Australia Pty Limited L'Oreal Australia Pty Limited (Premium) 
Accredited Distributors Pty Ltd Accredited Distributors Pty Ltd Lanier (Australia) Pty Ltd Lanier (Australia) Pty Ltd 
Activision Blizzard Pty Ltd Activision Blizzard Pty Ltd Lawrence & Hanson Group Pty Ltd Lawrence & Hanson Group Pty Ltd 
adidas Australia Pty Ltd adidas Australia Pty Ltd (Premium) LDC Enterprises Australia Pty Limited LDC Enterprises Australia Pty Limited (Premium) 
AGCO Australia Limited AGCO Australia Limited (Premium) Legrand Group Pty Ltd Legrand Group Pty Ltd 
Agilent Technologies Australia Pty Ltd Agilent Technologies Australia Pty Ltd Lenovo (Australia & New Zealand) Pty Limited  Lenovo (Australia & New Zealand) Pty Limited  
Altech Computers Corporation Pty Ltd Altech Computers Corporation Pty Ltd Lexmark International (Australia) Pty Limited Lexmark International (Australia) Pty Limited 
Amerind Pty Ltd Amerind Pty Ltd LG Electronics Australia Pty Limited LG Electronics Australia Pty Limited (Premium) 
Apple Pty Limited Apple Pty Limited Liberty Oil Holdings Pty Ltd Liberty Oil Holdings Pty Ltd 
Asics Oceania Pty Ltd Asics Oceania Pty Ltd Liebherr-Australia Pty Limited Liebherr-Australia Pty Limited 
ASP Aluminium Holdings Pty Ltd ASP Aluminium Holdings Pty Ltd Linde Material Handling Pty Limited Linde Material Handling Pty Limited 
Associated Motor Holdings Australia Pty Ltd Associated Motor Holdings Australia Pty Ltd Louis Dreyfus Commodities Australia Pty Ltd Louis Dreyfus Commodities Australia Pty Ltd 
Associated Retailers Limited Associated Retailers Limited (Premium) Lynch Fresh Holdings Pty Limited Lynch Fresh Holdings Pty Limited (Premium) 
Atlas Copco South Pacific Holdings Pty Limited Atlas Copco South Pacific Holdings Pty Limited (Premium) Lyreco Pty Limited Lyreco Pty Limited 
Audi Australia Pty Limited Audi Australia Pty Limited Makita (Australia) Pty Limited Makita (Australia) Pty Limited (Premium) 
Ausfuel Consolidated Pty Ltd Ausfuel Consolidated Pty Ltd Marubeni Aluminium Australia Pty Ltd Marubeni Aluminium Australia Pty Ltd 
Austin Engineering Limited Austin Engineering Limited Marubeni Australia Ltd Marubeni Australia Ltd 
Australian Independent Rural Retailers Pty Ltd Australian Independent Rural Retailers Pty Ltd Mattel Pty Limited Mattel Pty Limited (Premium) 
Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Limited Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (Premium) Mazda Australia Pty Limited Mazda Australia Pty Limited (Premium) 
Auto One Limited Auto One Limited McPherson's Limited McPherson's Limited (Premium) 
Avery Dennison Australia Pty Ltd Avery Dennison Australia Pty Ltd (Premium) Merial Australia Pty Ltd Merial Australia Pty Ltd 
Avon Products Pty Limited Avon Products Pty Limited Metcash Limited Metcash Limited (Premium) 
Balverona Pty Ltd Balverona Pty Ltd Michell Pty Ltd Michell Pty Ltd 
Bayer CropScience Pty Ltd Bayer CropScience Pty Ltd (Premium) Microsoft Pty Limited Microsoft Pty Limited 
Beam Global Australia Pty Ltd Beam Global Australia Pty Ltd (Premium) Middendorp Electric Co Pty Ltd Middendorp Electric Co Pty Ltd 
Becton Dickinson Pty Ltd Becton Dickinson Pty Ltd Midfield Meat International Pty Ltd Midfield Meat International Pty Ltd (Premium) 
Beiersdorf Australia Ltd Beiersdorf Australia Ltd Mini-Tankers Australia Pty Ltd Mini-Tankers Australia Pty Ltd 
Bidvest Australia Limited Bidvest Australia Limited (Premium) Minmetals Australia Pty Ltd Minmetals Australia Pty Ltd 
Billabong International Limited Billabong International Limited Mitsubishi Australia Limited Mitsubishi Australia Limited 
Bisalloy Steel Group Limited Bisalloy Steel Group Limited Mitsubishi Electric Australia Pty Ltd Mitsubishi Electric Australia Pty Ltd 
Bisley & Co Pty Ltd Bisley & Co Pty Ltd Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited (Premium) 
Bluechip Infotech Pty Ltd Bluechip Infotech Pty Ltd Mitsui & Co (Australia) Ltd Mitsui & Co (Australia) Ltd 
BMW Australia Ltd BMW Australia Ltd (Premium) Mitsui-Itochu Iron Pty Ltd Mitsui-Itochu Iron Pty Ltd 
Boehringer Ingelheim Pty Limited Boehringer Ingelheim Pty Limited Moet Hennessy Australia Pty Limited Moet Hennessy Australia Pty Limited 
Boston Scientific Pty Ltd Boston Scientific Pty Ltd Monsanto Australia Limited Monsanto Australia Limited 
Bowen & Pomeroy Proprietary Limited Bowen & Pomeroy Proprietary Limited Moraitis Group Pty Limited Moraitis Group Pty Limited (Premium) 
Breville Group Limited Breville Group Limited (Premium) Motorola Solutions Australia Pty Limited Motorola Solutions Australia Pty Limited 
Brightpoint Australia Pty Limited Brightpoint Australia Pty Limited MRC Global Australia Pty Ltd MRC Global Australia Pty Ltd 
Brother International (Aust) Pty Limited Brother International (Aust) Pty Limited MTU Detroit Diesel Australia Pty Limited MTU Detroit Diesel Australia Pty Limited 
Brown-Forman Australia Pty Limited Brown-Forman Australia Pty Limited (Premium) NACCO Materials Handling Group Pty Limited NACCO Materials Handling Group Pty Limited 
Bunzl Australasia Limited Bunzl Australasia Limited NCR Australia Pty Limited NCR Australia Pty Limited 
Burson Automotive Pty Ltd Burson Automotive Pty Ltd NEC Australia Pty Ltd NEC Australia Pty Ltd 
Canon Australia Pty Limited Canon Australia Pty Limited (Premium) Newfurn Floor Coverings Limited Newfurn Floor Coverings Limited 
Cargill Australia Limited Cargill Australia Limited (Premium) NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Limited NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Limited 
Carpet Court Australia Limited Carpet Court Australia Limited NIKE Australia Pty Ltd NIKE Australia Pty Ltd (Premium) 
Carter & Spencer Group Pty Ltd Carter & Spencer Group Pty Ltd (Premium) Nintendo Australia Pty Ltd Nintendo Australia Pty Ltd (Premium) 
CCW Co-operative Limited CCW Co-operative Limited Nissan Motor Co (Australia) Pty Ltd Nissan Motor Co (Australia) Pty Ltd 
Cellnet Group Limited Cellnet Group Limited Nokia Australia Pty Limited Nokia Australia Pty Limited 
Chamberlain Holdings Limited Chamberlain Holdings Limited (Premium) Novartis Australia Pty Limited Novartis Australia Pty Limited 
Chesterfield Australia Pty Ltd Chesterfield Australia Pty Ltd Novartis Consumer Health Australasia Pty Ltd Novartis Consumer Health Australasia Pty Ltd 
Chevron Australia Holdings Pty Ltd Chevron Australia Holdings Pty Ltd Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Pty Limited Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals Pty Limited 
Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd Noza Holdings Pty Ltd Noza Holdings Pty Ltd (Premium) 
Cisco Systems Australia Pty Limited Cisco Systems Australia Pty Limited (Premium) Nutting Investments Pty Ltd Nutting Investments Pty Ltd 
CITIC Resources Australia Pty Ltd CITIC Resources Australia Pty Ltd Office Brands Limited Office Brands Limited 
Citizen Watches Australia Pty Limited Citizen Watches Australia Pty Limited (Premium) OfficeMax Australia Limited OfficeMax Australia Limited 
CJD Equipment Pty Ltd CJD Equipment Pty Ltd Oriental Merchant Pty Ltd Oriental Merchant Pty Ltd 
Clorox Holdings Pty Limited Clorox Holdings Pty Limited Orionstone Pty Ltd Orionstone Pty Ltd 
CMA Corporation Limited CMA Corporation Limited Pacific Brands Limited Pacific Brands Limited (Premium) 
CNH Australia Pty Ltd CNH Australia Pty Ltd (Premium) Pacific Petroleum Products Pty Ltd Pacific Petroleum Products Pty Ltd 
COFCO (Australia) Pty Ltd COFCO (Australia) Pty Ltd PagePack (AU) Pty Limited PagePack (AU) Pty Limited 
Cofi-Com Trading Pty Limited Cofi-Com Trading Pty Limited Panasonic Australia Pty Limited Panasonic Australia Pty Limited (Premium) 
Commercial Metals Pty Ltd Commercial Metals Pty Ltd PaperlinX Limited PaperlinX Limited (Premium) 
Conga Foods Pty Ltd Conga Foods Pty Ltd PAS Group Pty Ltd PAS Group Pty Ltd 
Costa Group Holdings Pty Ltd Costa Group Holdings Pty Ltd Pentarch Holdings Pty Ltd Pentarch Holdings Pty Ltd 
Coty Australia Pty Limited Coty Australia Pty Limited PFD Food Services Pty Ltd PFD Food Services Pty Ltd 
Coventry Group Ltd Coventry Group Ltd PGG Wrightson Limited PGG Wrightson Limited 
Covidien Pty Limited Covidien Pty Limited Pharm-a-Care Laboratories Pty Limited Pharm-a-Care Laboratories Pty Limited 
Cummins South Pacific Pty Ltd Cummins South Pacific Pty Ltd Philips Electronics Australia Limited Philips Electronics Australia Limited 
Dahlsens Building Centres Pty Ltd Dahlsens Building Centres Pty Ltd Pioneer Electronics Australia Pty Ltd Pioneer Electronics Australia Pty Ltd 
Daimler Australia / Pacific Pty Ltd Daimler Australia / Pacific Pty Ltd (Premium) Playcorp Pty Ltd Playcorp Pty Ltd 
De Costi Seafoods (Holdings) Pty Limited De Costi Seafoods (Holdings) Pty Limited Plumbers' Supplies Co-operative Limited Plumbers' Supplies Co-operative Limited 
Dell Australia Pty Limited Dell Australia Pty Limited (Premium) POSCO Australia Pty Ltd POSCO Australia Pty Ltd 
Diamond Gas Resources Pty Ltd Diamond Gas Resources Pty Ltd Procter & Gamble Australia Pty Limited Procter & Gamble Australia Pty Limited (Premium) 
Dicker Data Limited Dicker Data Limited Puma Australia Pty Ltd Puma Australia Pty Ltd 
Dindas Australia Pty Ltd Dindas Australia Pty Ltd Queensland Sugar Limited Queensland Sugar Limited 
Dynamic Supplies Pty Ltd Dynamic Supplies Pty Ltd Redox Pty Ltd Redox Pty Ltd (Premium) 
Ebos Group Limited Ebos Group Limited Reece Australia Limited Reece Australia Limited (Premium) 
Electrolux Home Products Pty Limited Electrolux Home Products Pty Limited (Premium) Revlon Australia Pty Limited Revlon Australia Pty Limited 
Emerald Grain Pty Ltd Emerald Grain Pty Ltd Rexel Holdings Australia Pty Ltd Rexel Holdings Australia Pty Ltd 
Emerson Network Power Australia Pty Ltd Emerson Network Power Australia Pty Ltd Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd (Premium) 
Energizer Australia Pty Limited Energizer Australia Pty Limited Rinnai Australia Pty Ltd Rinnai Australia Pty Ltd 
Energy Power Systems Australia Pty Limited Energy Power Systems Australia Pty Limited Rip Curl Group Pty Ltd Rip Curl Group Pty Ltd (Premium) 
EPSON Australia Pty Limited EPSON Australia Pty Limited Roadhound Electronics Pty Ltd Roadhound Electronics Pty Ltd 
Ericsson Australia Pty Ltd Ericsson Australia Pty Ltd Ruralco Holdings Limited Ruralco Holdings Limited 
Estee Lauder Pty Limited Estee Lauder Pty Limited Safcol Australia Pty Ltd Safcol Australia Pty Ltd 
Exide Australia Pty Ltd Exide Australia Pty Ltd (Premium) Samsung Electronics Australia Pty Ltd Samsung Electronics Australia Pty Ltd (Premium) 
Farmoz Pty Limited Farmoz Pty Limited Sandvik Australia Holdings Pty Ltd Sandvik Australia Holdings Pty Ltd 
Ferrero Australia Pty Limited Ferrero Australia Pty Limited (Premium) Sanger Australia Pty Ltd Sanger Australia Pty Ltd (Premium) 
Fisher & Paykel Australia Holdings Limited Fisher & Paykel Australia Holdings Limited Sanofi-Aventis Australia Pty Limited Sanofi-Aventis Australia Pty Limited 
Freshmax Pty Limited Freshmax Pty Limited Sanwa Holdings Pty Limited Sanwa Holdings Pty Limited 
Frontline Stores Australia Limited Frontline Stores Australia Limited SAP Australia Pty Ltd SAP Australia Pty Ltd 
Frucor Beverages (Australia) Pty Limited Frucor Beverages (Australia) Pty Limited Scalzo Trading Co Proprietary Limited Scalzo Trading Co Proprietary Limited 
Fuji Xerox Australia Pty Limited Fuji Xerox Australia Pty Limited (Premium) Scania Australia Pty Limited Scania Australia Pty Limited 
FUJIFILM Holdings Australasia Pty Limited FUJIFILM Holdings Australasia Pty Limited (Premium) Schneider Electric Australia Holdings Pty Limited Schneider Electric Australia Holdings Pty Limited (Premium) 
Fujitsu General (Aust) Pty Limited Fujitsu General (Aust) Pty Limited Scholastic Australia Pty Limited Scholastic Australia Pty Limited (Premium) 
Funtastic Limited Funtastic Limited (Premium) Sealanes (1985) Pty Ltd Sealanes (1985) Pty Ltd 
Garmin Australasia Pty Ltd Garmin Australasia Pty Ltd Seiko Australia Pty Ltd Seiko Australia Pty Ltd 
Garnet Enterprises Pty Ltd Garnet Enterprises Pty Ltd Seven Group Holdings Limited Seven Group Holdings Limited 
GE Healthcare Australia Pty Limited GE Healthcare Australia Pty Limited (Premium) Sharp Corporation of Australia Pty Limited Sharp Corporation of Australia Pty Limited 
General Cable Australia Pty Ltd General Cable Australia Pty Ltd Shriro Australia Pty Limited Shriro Australia Pty Limited 
Geraldton Fishermen's Co-operative Ltd Geraldton Fishermen's Co-operative Ltd (Premium) Sigma Pharmaceuticals Limited Sigma Pharmaceuticals Limited (Premium) 
Gerard Corporation Pty Ltd Gerard Corporation Pty Ltd Sime Darby Motors Group (Australia) Pty Limited Sime Darby Motors Group (Australia) Pty Limited 
Gilead Sciences Pty Limited Gilead Sciences Pty Limited SKF Australia Pty Ltd SKF Australia Pty Ltd (Premium) 
Glencore Grain Pty Ltd Glencore Grain Pty Ltd Smith & Nephew Pty Ltd Smith & Nephew Pty Ltd (Premium) 
GLG Corp Ltd GLG Corp Ltd Sony Australia Limited Sony Australia Limited (Premium) 
Globe International Limited Globe International Limited Sony Computer Entertainment Australia Pty Limited Sony Computer Entertainment Australia Pty Limited 
GrainCorp Limited GrainCorp Limited (Premium) SPAR Australia Limited SPAR Australia Limited 
GS Global Australia Pty Ltd GS Global Australia Pty Ltd Stanley Black & Decker Australia Pty Ltd Stanley Black & Decker Australia Pty Ltd 
GSA Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd GSA Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd (Premium) Stanley Works Pty Ltd Stanley Works Pty Ltd 
Gunnersen Pty Ltd Gunnersen Pty Ltd Staples Australia Pty Limited Staples Australia Pty Limited (Premium) 
H J Langdon & Co Proprietary Limited H J Langdon & Co Proprietary Limited Stemcor Australia Pty Limited Stemcor Australia Pty Limited 
Hardware & General Supplies Limited Hardware & General Supplies Limited Stuart Alexander & Co Pty Ltd Stuart Alexander & Co Pty Ltd 
Hasbro Australia Limited Hasbro Australia Limited (Premium) Sumitomo Australia Pty Ltd Sumitomo Australia Pty Ltd 
Hastings Deering (Australia) Limited Hastings Deering (Australia) Limited Sunny Queen Pty Limited Sunny Queen Pty Limited (Premium) 
Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd Hawker Pacific Pty Ltd (Premium) Supply Network Limited Supply Network Limited 
Heat Group Pty Ltd Heat Group Pty Ltd Suzuki Australia Pty Limited Suzuki Australia Pty Limited (Premium) 
Heidelberg Graphic Equipment Limited Heidelberg Graphic Equipment Limited (Premium) Swatch Group (Australia) Pty Limited Swatch Group (Australia) Pty Limited (Premium) 
Hewlett-Packard Australia Pty Ltd Hewlett-Packard Australia Pty Ltd (Premium) Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd 
HGL Limited HGL Limited (Premium) Sydney Fish Market Pty Ltd Sydney Fish Market Pty Ltd 
Hilti (Aust) Pty Limited Hilti (Aust) Pty Limited Syngenta Australia Pty Ltd Syngenta Australia Pty Ltd (Premium) 
Hino Motor Sales Australia Pty Limited Hino Motor Sales Australia Pty Limited Synnex Australia Pty Ltd Synnex Australia Pty Ltd 
Hitachi Australia Pty Ltd Hitachi Australia Pty Ltd Techtronic Industries Australia Pty Limited Techtronic Industries Australia Pty Limited 
Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty Ltd Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia) Pty Ltd Techwool Trading Pty Ltd Techwool Trading Pty Ltd 
Hitachi Data Systems Asia Pacific Pty Limited Hitachi Data Systems Asia Pacific Pty Limited Thomas Foods International Consolidated Pty Limited Thomas Foods International Consolidated Pty Limited (Premium) 
Honda Australia Pty Limited Honda Australia Pty Limited (Premium) ThyssenKrupp Mannex Pty Limited ThyssenKrupp Mannex Pty Limited 
Huawei Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd Huawei Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd Toshiba (Australia) Pty Limited Toshiba (Australia) Pty Limited 
Hydro Aluminium Australia Pty Ltd Hydro Aluminium Australia Pty Ltd (Premium) Toshiba International Corporation Pty Ltd Toshiba International Corporation Pty Ltd 
Hyundai Motor Company Australia Pty Limited Hyundai Motor Company Australia Pty Limited Toyota Tsusho (Australasia) Pty Ltd Toyota Tsusho (Australasia) Pty Ltd 
HZ Lim Limited HZ Lim Limited True Alliance Pty Limited True Alliance Pty Limited 
IGT (Australia) Pty Limited IGT (Australia) Pty Limited Turners & Growers Limited Turners & Growers Limited 
IMCD Australasia Investments Pty Ltd IMCD Australasia Investments Pty Ltd Tutt Bryant Group Limited Tutt Bryant Group Limited 
Imperial Tobacco Australia Limited Imperial Tobacco Australia Limited (Premium) Tyco Electronics Pty Limited Tyco Electronics Pty Limited 
Inchcape Australia Limited Inchcape Australia Limited (Premium) Tyres4U Pty Limited Tyres4U Pty Limited 
Independent Liquor Group (Suppliers) Co-operative Limited Independent Liquor Group (Suppliers) Co-operative Limited (Premium) Uniden Australia Pty Limited Uniden Australia Pty Limited 
Independent Liquor Group Distribution Co-operative Ltd Independent Liquor Group Distribution Co-operative Ltd United Equipment Holdings Pty Limited United Equipment Holdings Pty Limited 
Industrea Limited Industrea Limited Valcorp Fine Foods Pty Ltd Valcorp Fine Foods Pty Ltd 
Ingram Micro Holdings (Australia) Pty Limited Ingram Micro Holdings (Australia) Pty Limited (Premium) Vestas - Australian Wind Technology Pty Limited Vestas - Australian Wind Technology Pty Limited 
Inter-Aust Food Pty Ltd Inter-Aust Food Pty Ltd Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Ltd Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Ltd 
Isuzu Australia Limited Isuzu Australia Limited (Premium) Volvo Car Australia Pty Ltd Volvo Car Australia Pty Ltd 
ITOCHU Australia Ltd ITOCHU Australia Ltd Volvo Group Australia Pty Ltd Volvo Group Australia Pty Ltd (Premium) 
Jaguar Land Rover Australia Pty Ltd Jaguar Land Rover Australia Pty Ltd Voyager Distributing Company Pty Ltd Voyager Distributing Company Pty Ltd 
JK International Pty Ltd JK International Pty Ltd Wellard Group Holdings Pty Ltd Wellard Group Holdings Pty Ltd 
Kailis Bros Pty Ltd Kailis Bros Pty Ltd Westcon Group Pty Limited Westcon Group Pty Limited 
Kemp & Denning Limited Kemp & Denning Limited Whirlpool (Australia) Pty Limited Whirlpool (Australia) Pty Limited 
Kodak (Australasia) Proprietary Limited Kodak (Australasia) Proprietary Limited (Premium) Wolters Kluwer Australia Pty Limited Wolters Kluwer Australia Pty Limited 
Komatsu Marketing Support Australia Pty Ltd Komatsu Marketing Support Australia Pty Ltd (Premium) Yamaha Music Australia Pty Ltd Yamaha Music Australia Pty Ltd 
Konecranes Pty Ltd Konecranes Pty Ltd Yokohama Tyre Australia Pty Limited Yokohama Tyre Australia Pty Limited 
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia Pty Ltd Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia Pty Ltd (Premium) Zuellig Healthcare Holdings Australia Pty Limited Zuellig Healthcare Holdings Australia Pty Limited 
Kubota Tractor Australia Pty Ltd Kubota Tractor Australia Pty Ltd (Premium)